Who may be a Write-In Candidate?

 There are no qualifications for a write-in candidate.

 Anyone may be written-in.

 For a write-in candidate in a primary election to be nominated for office, statutory requirements must be met:

(a) No write-in candidate in a primary election for a position as a state, county or municipal office shall have such candidateís name placed upon the ballot in the election unless the candidate receives at least (25) votes.

(b) If there are no candidates listed on the ballot in the primary election, the candidate must receive at least (5%) of the votes cast in the primary on election day.



Any person attempting to be elected by write-in ballots shall complete a notice requesting that such personís ballots be counted in each county of the district such candidate is running in, no later than (20) days before the election.

Such person shall only have votes counted in counties where such notice was completed and timely filed.  The notice prescribed by the State Division of Elections shall be accepted.